a Wholehearted approach to cooking and eating.

When it comes to eating, it seems we can’t help but want to find an, “ethos” an “approach”, a set of rules to follow. The problem is, I find it’s becoming increasingly difficult to settle on one. The impressive plethora of vibrant health food blogs, books, magazines and nutritionists can sometimes get overwhelming, each proudly screaming their own set of ideals and beliefs on what they constitute as “healthy” eating, many claiming the “right way”, the “clean” way, etcetera etcetera. After getting sufficiently caught up in it all, half-heartedly following diets and fads, cutting out entire food groups and foods banished as “bad”, or even “dirty”, I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate. How could I consider myself a food-lover if I was denying myself half the foods I loved? How could a divinely crisp and flakey pain-au-chocolat or a sumptuous, bubbling four-cheese pizza be categorised as  “bad”? It just doesn’t make sense.

But that was a process I needed to go through to come to find my final answer: balance.

The time I spent living in France was absolutely valuable in finding and embracing this concept as it’s something I saw the French do so well. People often (and understandably) question why the French are the nation known both for their attractiveness and health as well as their butter-fueled patisseries and boulangeries. What I adore about the French attitude towards food is that they value everything they eat; on the whole, meals are balanced and made up largely of fresh vegetables and fruits, allowing for time-to-time indulgence in treats. This brings me to my next point, which is understanding the meaning of this word “treat”. A treat: something to be eaten occasionally, gracefully, in moderation…but totally enjoyed. No guilt, only pleasure.

Eating in this way banishes nothing, and embraces everything, each food with it’s own use, it’s own time and place. Yes, most of the time I eat wholesome, nourishing foods because that makes me feel good, but if there comes a point when all I want is a thick slice of hot white toast slathered with creamy butter, or dripping with a good melted cheddar, then that’s what I’ll eat, because that makes me feel good, too. And as the culinary queen Nigella would say, I am absolutely unapologetic.

And so here on this blog I want to promote this all-embracing approach, providing wholesome recipes with nutritious ingredients to feed your body, along with the occasional, less-wholesome recipes to feed nothing more than your desire to eat something delicious.

I hope it inspires you to cook, and to eat  – nutritiously, indulgently, and most importantly, wholeheartedly.

Katherine x