Creamy ginger smoothie

After accidentally ordering 1kg of ginger instead of 1 piece, I've had to come up with ways to up my weekly intake of fresh ginger... I find this sweet creamy style of smoothie so much more enjoyable than those zingy ginger "detox juices" and more drinkable for first thing in the morning. That said, half… Continue reading Creamy ginger smoothie

Pecan maple banana muffins

No compromises made in the name of "health", these are classic no-nonsense muffins to keep you and your loved ones warm. That said, they're comfortingly un-decadent, and the banana and the maple do provide most of the sweetness naturally.  Ingredients: 100g wholemeal flour 20g plain flour 2 tablespoons soft light brown sugar 2 teaspoons baking… Continue reading Pecan maple banana muffins

Banana & blackberry oat pancakes

               Somehow pancakes always feel like a treat, whether it be the no-nonsense, Nutella-filled crêpe hot off the pan of a French street vendor, the classic simplicity of the English pancake with lemon and sugar, or the humble oat pancake adorned with fresh fruit. All have their own time… Continue reading Banana & blackberry oat pancakes