Cinnamon oat crêpes with browned butter peaches and honey

Ingredients Oats, 100g Egg, 1 Milk, whole or semi-skimmed, 250ml Butter, 25g plus extra for frying Cinnamon, 2 teaspoons Salt, 1/4 teaspoon Peaches, 2, sliced or cubed Method Blitz oats, cinnamon and salt in a food processor or blender until the oats are very fine. Transfer to a jug and add the egg. Mix to… Continue reading Cinnamon oat crêpes with browned butter peaches and honey

No-bake apricot energy bites

These sweet, chewy morsels are packed full of nutrients and make the perfect perk-up mid-morning or late afternoon, and they can be made even if you don't have an oven. I adapted them from Olive magazine's "No-bake breakfast bar" recipe; after the addition of the apricot filling they're perhaps a little too sugary to be… Continue reading No-bake apricot energy bites

Creamy ginger smoothie

After accidentally ordering 1kg of ginger instead of 1 piece, I've had to come up with ways to up my weekly intake of fresh ginger... I find this sweet creamy style of smoothie so much more enjoyable than those zingy ginger "detox juices" and more drinkable for first thing in the morning. That said, half… Continue reading Creamy ginger smoothie

Wholemeal breakfast tear & share; Cinnamon rolls with apple and pecan

When travelling Scandinavia (home of hygge and mecca of all things cosy, food-y and convivial) it's impossible to not be drawn into those hundreds of welcoming coffee shops and cafés with their candles, cushions, baskets of blankets, shelves of recipe books and, of course, the counters laden with baked treats hot and fresh from the… Continue reading Wholemeal breakfast tear & share; Cinnamon rolls with apple and pecan

Banana & blackberry oat pancakes

               Somehow pancakes always feel like a treat, whether it be the no-nonsense, Nutella-filled crêpe hot off the pan of a French street vendor, the classic simplicity of the English pancake with lemon and sugar, or the humble oat pancake adorned with fresh fruit. All have their own time… Continue reading Banana & blackberry oat pancakes

Healthy, refined sugar free granola

Whilst it is true that in so many cases of our attempts at "healthy", "sugar-free" alternatives to delicious classics, the result is ultimately disappointing, home-made granola does absolutely not have to be the case. Here, all that addictive sweetness and crunch typically provided by the extortionate sugar content of most shop-bought granolas is replicated with… Continue reading Healthy, refined sugar free granola