No-bake apricot energy bites

These sweet, chewy morsels are packed full of nutrients and make the perfect perk-up mid-morning or late afternoon, and they can be made even if you don't have an oven. I adapted them from Olive magazine's "No-bake breakfast bar" recipe; after the addition of the apricot filling they're perhaps a little too sugary to be… Continue reading No-bake apricot energy bites

Fennel & chilli risotto with bulgur

Spice up your night in with this warming bowl, which makes your house smell of wine, butter and fennel... yes please? Three dried chillies (seeds in) gives the fennel a kick without masking its beautiful delicate flavour. Ingredients: Serves 2. 1 large or 2 small fennel bulbs 1 white onion or large shallot 1 clove… Continue reading Fennel & chilli risotto with bulgur

Honey-roast carrot and thyme loaf

Somewhere between a cake and a bread, somewhere between lunch and dessert, somewhere between sweet and savoury, can be found this warm and satisfying loaf. Usually an accompaniment to a roast dinner, honey-roast carrots are a classic example of twisting sweet and savoury, but they're so delicious I thought it was a shame to limit… Continue reading Honey-roast carrot and thyme loaf

Wholemeal breakfast tear & share; Cinnamon rolls with apple and pecan

When travelling Scandinavia (home of hygge and mecca of all things cosy, food-y and convivial) it's impossible to not be drawn into those hundreds of welcoming coffee shops and cafés with their candles, cushions, baskets of blankets, shelves of recipe books and, of course, the counters laden with baked treats hot and fresh from the… Continue reading Wholemeal breakfast tear & share; Cinnamon rolls with apple and pecan

Tarte aux légumes // Sun vegetable tart with chickpea pastry

Living in France I bore on more than one occasion witness to the heated discussion over what constitutes the difference between "une quiche et une tarte". Luckily for me, this was because we were in the process of eating one, (or the other) over work lunches, picnics or laid-back evening get-togethers. Whilst it was never… Continue reading Tarte aux légumes // Sun vegetable tart with chickpea pastry

Banana & blackberry oat pancakes

               Somehow pancakes always feel like a treat, whether it be the no-nonsense, Nutella-filled crêpe hot off the pan of a French street vendor, the classic simplicity of the English pancake with lemon and sugar, or the humble oat pancake adorned with fresh fruit. All have their own time… Continue reading Banana & blackberry oat pancakes

Healthy, refined sugar free granola

Whilst it is true that in so many cases of our attempts at "healthy", "sugar-free" alternatives to delicious classics, the result is ultimately disappointing, home-made granola does absolutely not have to be the case. Here, all that addictive sweetness and crunch typically provided by the extortionate sugar content of most shop-bought granolas is replicated with… Continue reading Healthy, refined sugar free granola