No-bake apricot energy bites

These sweet, chewy morsels are packed full of nutrients and make the perfect perk-up mid-morning or late afternoon, and they can be made even if you don't have an oven. I adapted them from Olive magazine's "No-bake breakfast bar" recipe; after the addition of the apricot filling they're perhaps a little too sugary to be… Continue reading No-bake apricot energy bites

Refined sugar free lemon & coconut shortbread biscuits

When all said and done, there's not much that competes with a shortbread biscuit. So much so that it can, and often is, rightfully considered a household staple. Rather sadly, I've now taken too much interest in nutrition to fully enjoy the classic all-butter, all-sugar version on an everyday basis... (only fairly often). After now… Continue reading Refined sugar free lemon & coconut shortbread biscuits

Healthy, refined sugar free granola

Whilst it is true that in so many cases of our attempts at "healthy", "sugar-free" alternatives to delicious classics, the result is ultimately disappointing, home-made granola does absolutely not have to be the case. Here, all that addictive sweetness and crunch typically provided by the extortionate sugar content of most shop-bought granolas is replicated with… Continue reading Healthy, refined sugar free granola