Duke of Cambridge tart

A recipe from a scrap of paper passed on from a friend, I have no idea why this is called "Duke of Cambridge tart" or even if that is it's real name, but actually who cares; this sweet, fruity tart with a boozy boost is pure indulgence, and very easy to make. Indredients 1 x… Continue reading Duke of Cambridge tart

Blueberry coconut streusel tart

Adapted from Thalia Ho's (Butterandbrioche.com) "Raspberry Almond Streusel".  Ingredients for the pastry: flour, 175g caster sugar, 70g 100g unsalted butter, cold egg yolk, 1 cold water for the streusel: plain flour, 35g golden caster sugar, teaspoon salt, pinch unsalted butter, cold, 20g flaked coconut/coconut chips, 20g for the coconut frangipane: unsalted butter, room temperature, 80g… Continue reading Blueberry coconut streusel tart

Zesty ginger tartlets

Baking with ginger immediately triggers thoughts of Christmas and smells of warm gingerbread filling the house, but winter or not, I've recently been craving that fiery tang. This is a fresher take on ginger baking; the idea for these zesty little babies came to me all at once like a divine intervention, and I have… Continue reading Zesty ginger tartlets

Tarte aux légumes // Sun vegetable tart with chickpea pastry

Living in France I bore on more than one occasion witness to the heated discussion over what constitutes the difference between "une quiche et une tarte". Luckily for me, this was because we were in the process of eating one, (or the other) over work lunches, picnics or laid-back evening get-togethers. Whilst it was never… Continue reading Tarte aux légumes // Sun vegetable tart with chickpea pastry